Silver Award

Level 4 Data Analyst

Collect, organise and interpret data to provide business insight.

Data Analysts are responsible for collecting, processing and making sense of data to provide business insight. Duties include contextualising often complex datasets by conducting analytical studies on that data.

The role of a Data Analyst is to collect, organise and study data. They are typically involved with aggregating, managing, cleansing, and abstracting data, and conducting a number of analytical studies on that data. They also document and report the results of data analysis activities making recommendations as to how to improve business performance. They require a good understanding of data structures, database systems and procedures used to undertake a range of different types of analysis.

Duration: 24 months

Route: Business Administration

Roles/occupations may include:

• Data Manager
• Data Scientist
• Data Engineer
• Data Analyst
• Data Architect


Successful completion of the Level 4 could lead to a Level 5 Apprenticeship, progressing onto a degree or full-time employment in the relevant sector.

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