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The landscape of learning is changing…

Most organisations recognise the importance of development. Bringing in new talent not only provides a springboard for a new employee’s career; it also helps businesses become operationally sustainable. Graduate schemes are abundant, but they have rendered the new joiner market quite one-dimensional; a new way of talent acquisition is required…

15,000 people are leaving the Armed Forces each year, adding to the one-million working aged veteran population. There has never been a better time to consider this new dimension of hiring. With 79% of employers rating their veteran workforce employability 10/10 – this rare, valuable and hard-to-imitate talent pool come armed with many of the positive behaviours that employers need in this new age of working.

Force Academy is a veteran focussed apprenticeship programme that works with RoATP and OFSTED registered training providers to reskill and upskill veterans in four pathways:

  • Digital
  • Cyber
  • Business
  • Project Management

Apprenticeship Offerings

We work with RoATP and OFSTED registered organisations to provide apprentice opportunities for veterans in four areas.

Force Academy

Project Management

Force Academy


Force Academy


Force Academy


L4 Business Analyst • L4 Data Analyst • L3 Info Comms Technician • L3 Data Technician • L3 Cyber Security Technician • L4 Cyber Security Technologist • L3 IT Solutions Technician • L3 Software Development Technician • L4 Software Tester • L4 Network Engineer • L4 Software Developer • L5 Improvement Specialist • L4 Associate Project Manager

Forces Cyber Pathways

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